Since 1987, Stimultania Pôle de photographie has been at the intersection of questions of this world. Its goals: to make know - in the best conditions - photographic pieces of art, to give the viewer the opportunity to live individual and collective experiences as well as to express criticisms. The first institute of Stimultania, was founded in 1987 in Strasbourg. It is an exhibition space as well as a resource center. It is also a place for meetings, freedom and sometimes resistance. The second facility, opened in 2014 in Givors, it has been dedicated to support artist residencies as well as collective pieces of art.

Stimultania Pôle de photographie chose Givors, in the south of Lyon, to open a second facility. Since 2014, a set of actions around photography is developped there. Mediation workshops, collectives works of art made by artists in high schools, schools and associations, events open to everyone : all these projects reveal what this place has of picturesque, sinister and funny – simply human.
Aware of the creative potential that the place holds, Stimultania has decided to set up an annual artist residency in 2017. Open to artists photographers, it offers a space and a time for experimentation, risk taking and creation in the heart of this town which shops have fled but no inhabitant would ever leave.
In 2020, thanks to the Capsule programme set up by the Department of Culture, the artist residency settles over long term. It then adopts the name of 5 étoiles, inspired by la Cité des Etoiles, emblematic architecture of Givors, but also by the idea of utopia and by the five branches crossing the city : the river Rhône, the river Gier, the A47, the national 86 and the train line Lyon / Saint-Étienne.

visuelpoursitestimultania.jpgResidency of the artists Benoît Luisière and Stéphane Castet, April 2019 © Stimultania

This residency is open to all professional artists, individual entrepreneur (artist author) or micro-entrepreneur based on France and the European territory.
Photography is the main medium, but Stimultania is also open to multidisciplinary projects.
As the creative residency is not a commission, the artist remains master of his intention and creation process. Stimultania supports the artist in his process, making available its artistic and photographic competences and its knowledge of the territory. The Capsule programme allows the artist to finalize his work. The restitution of the work is thought in collaboration with Stimultania, consistent with the project.
The artist owns all copyrights attached to the works created during the residency. Any operations (presentation or public performance, reproduction, adaptation) related to the works shall be subject to authorization materialized by a separate contract.
The artist is hosted at the guesthouse Un olivier dans les étoiles located in the city center, in the heart of la Cité des Étoiles, labeled Heritage of the twentieth century.  


– Compensation : 4000 € including VAT.
– Per diem: 500 € including VAT.
– Copyrights : 1000 € including VAT.
– Provide for transportation on receipt up to 1 000 € including VAT.
– Purchase of small equipment on receipt up to 500 €.
– Production up to 2 000 € including VAT.

A studio is provided (one dedicated room) in Stimultania’s office space. Regarding the equipment, the artist can have access to the scanner-printer laser and to the wifi. In an occasional way and by fixing the organization in advance with the responsible in charge with the audiences, he can also borrow camera and sound equipment


Two months of residency (between september of year 1 to june of year 2). Periods are defined with the guesthouse and may therefore differ from one residency to another.


  • Stimultania send application calls in May, and make the selection in July with two steps:
    - Preselection on portfolio and intention 
    - Selection after a visio exchange 
    Depending on its expectations and human resources, Stimultania reserves the right not to launch a call for projects and to proceed according to invitation.


  • The artist can manage his schedule according to the needs of the project, but he should physically be present at least six weeks on site.


  • One of the main activities of the association being mediation towards publics, Stimultania asks the artist to remain available for some exchange sessions with the locals, without imposing shared creation and workshops.

Contact us

1 rue Longarini 
F-69700 Givors
T: + 33 4 72 67 02 31