Lindre–Basse Residency Program

Since 2002, in close collaboration with the village of Lindre-Basse and the Lorraine Regional Natural Park, the CAC - la synagogue de Delme has been running an artist residency program in the former presbytery of Lindre-Basse, which was accordingly refitted as a studio.

The residency is a half-hour drive from Delme’s art center (35 km). A vehicle is strongly recommended. The residency program is independent of the art center program, so the residency does not give rise to an exhibition in the art center but possibly with partner locations in the area, if needed. The art center receives support from the Ministry of Culture  - DRAC Grand Est,  Grand Est Regional Council, the Moselle Department Council, the Communauté de Communes of Saulnois and the village of Delme.

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The residency program has a double objective: on the one hand, supporting production financially and providing a workspace. Also allowing artists to realize a specific project or to pursue a personal research. Artists are supported throughout their residency in a permanent dialogue with the art center’s team, as well as in a logic of targeted communication towards visual art professionals. On the other hand, the residency program is embedded in a territory (a rural environment and its inhabitants) and also offers itself as a cultural specificity helping to diversify and energize the local artistic field.

available means

— A 70m2 studio with a 6-meter-high ceiling, equipped with workbenches and tools. A computer and a printer can be made available to the artists.
— A 60m2 living space with two en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen, a garden, and a mezzanine lounge that overlooks the studio.
— An allowance of 2000€ and a production budget of 2000€. The production budget is only allocated in the case of work that is created in the context of the residency, or is linked to it (refund on invoices).


The residency program welcomes three artists a year, from March  to November, for three months periods. The artists agree to be present for 10 weeks, spread over these 3 months.

selection process

Artists are selected on the basis of their application and their project.
The call for applications is aimed at artists who have graduated for at least 2 years.
Artists are invited to explain their project while justifying how its realisation would benefit from a residency in the context of Lindre-Basse. Thus, projects must involve a process that relates to the territory (understood in a broad sense).
Collaborative projects (between artists in similar or different disciplines) are encouraged.
The panel of Lindre-Basse residency program - made up of representatives from the art center and its institutional partners, the village of Lindre-Basse, the Lorraine Regional Natural Park and visual art professionals - selects 3 applications from a preselection proposed by the direction of the art center. 

Obligations of the residents 

Several types of actions developed in concert with the cultural and educational service of the art center as part of its awareness-raising policy:
— meetings and workshops with pupils, students, professionals…
— contacts with external contributors (artists, critics…)
— participation in the design of communication and information documents intended to enhance the residency and the artist's work.

Actions towards audiences

The residency program is punctuated by meetings that are aimed not just at schoolchildren, inhabitants of the village or neighbouring locations, but also at regional cultural organisations, artschools’ and art courses students, or organisations promoting visual art’s diffusion in Grand Est Region. In order to facilitate exchanges, the ability to speak French is required.
The residency program does not lead to an exhibition at the art center, but rather an open studio event at the end of the residency period.


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