Founded in 1987, the Centre européeen d’actions artistiques contemporaines (CEAAC) aims to support, produce and promote contemporary creation for all audiences.

Housed in the Art Nouveau-style Neunreiter glassware and porcelain shop in the heart of Strasbourg's Krutenau district, the CEAAC is a unique exhibition space, as well as a place for experimentation. Its rich programme of artistic and cultural events showcases contemporary art from the region, country and around the world.
Since 2001 and in collaboration with an international network of institutional and cultural partners, it has been developing a programme of residencies for artists and researchers.
Winner of a specific support fund as part of the 14th three-year ‘Strasbourg, European Capital’ contract, which contributes to Strasbourg's influence as a European capital, the CEAAC is reaffirming its residency programme with a view to fully integrating it into the art centre's artistic and cultural programme.
To achieve this, the CEAAC is shifting its focus and diversifying its activities in southern Europe by forging new partnerships with institutions that share its artistic vision, working methods and ethos regarding support for artistic creation.
Since 2023, new types of curatorial, production and nomadic residencies have been made available, alongside the international research and creation ones.


The CEAAC's residency programme currently comprises of 3 permanent schemes (research and creation residencies, curatorial residencies, production residencies) and is based around the following research themes:
—   Ways of producing, reproducing and circulating images, with reference to the history of a region where the relationship with print is fundamental;
—   The vernacular, local and popular savoir-faire;
—   Public health issues.

These residencies, which do not impose any obligation regarding the production of an or several artwork(s), are based on the principle of reciprocity. They are organised in partnership with structures in Europe and are aimed at visual artists from the Grand Est region. The selected artists are invited to spend from one to three months abroad. During this time, the CEAAC hosts the artists sent by the associated organisations in Strasbourg.

Hop residencies are aimed at curators and researchers from France and abroad. With the aim of supporting the circulation of work of artists from the Grand Est region and of expanding their network, these short residencies (ranging from 2 to 5 days) are an ideal opportunity for curators to discover and connect with the local art scene (professionals from the visual arts sector).

These residencies are aimed at artists invited as part of the CEAAC's artistic and cultural programme.


Visual artists benefit from:

—   A private room in a furnished 100 m² flat which is shared with other residents
—   A shared studio (60 m²) at Bastion 14 or La Virgule, provided by the City of Strasbourg
—   The use of a studio in Meisenthal (for production residencies)
—   €700 (excluding tax) per month
—   A stipend of €335 (including tax) per month
—   The cost of a roundtrip to and from the individual’s place of residence 
—   Human and material resources and networking opportunities
—   Tailor-made projects at the end of the residency (where possible)

French or foreign curators and researchers benefit from:

—   A private room in a 100 m² furnished flat, which is shared with other residents
—   A flat-rate residency allowance of €100 per day, including tax
—   The cost of travel to and from the individual’s place of residence
—   A personalised programme and networking organised by CEAAC


—   Research and creation residencies: 1 to 3 months
—   Curatorial residencies: 2 to 5 days
—   Production residencies: variable


Research and creation residencies:
—   Call for applications and pre-selection based on applications
—   Interviews of shortlisted artists by the CEAAC and its partners
—   The final decision rests with the host organisation

Curatorial residencies:
By invitation
Production residencies:
By invitation


Given the fact that residents are housed in a flat which is shared, the CEAAC cannot guarantee accommodation for the families of invited artists or curators.
The CEAAC however endeavours to adapt its schedule as far as possible and to allow its residents to travel regularly, taking into account their family life. Where appropriate, family members are welcome to stay in the CEAAC flat in Strasbourg.


—   To reside in the host establishment for the duration of their stay
—   To take good care of the amenities provided (flat and workshop)
—   To carry out a shared assessment at the end of their stay


Open workshops, meetings with the public and tailor-made projects (performances, conferences, talks, exhibitions) at the end of their residency.

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