Le Wonder

Le Wonder is a collective studio run by and for artists. Since 2013, this collective has been operating in large disused complexes in the Parisian suburbs, fashioning the spaces it occupies in its own way. The 70 artists currently being hosted by Le Wonder have access to  shared studio spaces, a machine area and a space in which they can experiment and hold artistic and political discussions.

Le Wonder is a free, independent and experimental space. As much a production studio as a living space, it is first and foremost a tool contributing to the autonomy and professionalisation of its residents. For the past 10 years, the Le Wonder collective has been welcoming and bringing together visual artists, musicians, artisans, fashion designers, cooks, etc. in low-cost workspaces close to Paris, within the context of large-scale, cross-disciplinary projects, which vary in type (from the production of works to the organisation of exhibitions) and are driven by their creators.

Experimentation and creation are at the heart of this centre, and it's a place where artists, disciplines and practices are constantly crossing paths and where ideas are continually being exchanged. Its unique position in the Parisian landscape means that the members of the collective, as well as the residents, have to make a major personal investment. Le Wonder is a global project in which cooperation, the pooling of resources and savoir-faire are key.

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Research and creation residency programme:
This programme is not focused on the realisation of a specific project. Research and experimentation, whether theoretical, material or formal, are encouraged.
At the end of each residency, findings can be presented in the form of an open studio event, a conference, a workshop, a screening, a banquet or even a radio station takeover. 


- access to all workshops and facilities
- a single bedroom with access to shared areas
- mentoring support provided by Le Wonder’s artists
- local networking opportunities, depending on residents’ wishes and projects
- a residency grant which covers the artist's pay, travel costs to Le Wonder in Bobigny and production costs, where applicable.
- shared tools and machines, as well as workspaces organised based on different artistic practices. 

Each of these workspaces is coordinated by a permanent artist in residency:

A wood area including: a table-top edger, a jointer, a planer, a spindle moulding-machine, a planer (capacity 600×280 cm), a bandsaw, a pillar drill, a mitre saw, a wood lathe, a chip extractor and an industrial hoover.

A metal area including: a metal band saw, a metal splitting saw, two welding stations: MIG and TIG welders, a roller bending machine, a manual bender/roller/sheet metal cutting machine, a metal lathe, a pillar drill, a belt sander, a manual bender, a compressor, a surface plate, a suction system, as well as portable electrical equipment: a stone cutter, a drill, a jigsaw, an angle grinder, a hammer drill and a mixer.  

An image area including: bright, quiet spaces suited to painting and printing, as well as a screen-printing table, screens, an imagesetter, a drying rack, a risograph printer, a digital tracer, an Xerox printer, a cutting table, large paper storage units and an electric paper cutter.

A composite material area including: a space adapted to working with polymers, plasters and cements.

A ceramics area including: a 190L ceramic kiln, a lathe and storage areas as well as 3 work tables and small modelling tools.

A textiles area including: an industrial sewing machine, a 5-thread overlock machine, a cover-stitch machine (jersey finishing), an industrial steam press and a cutting table.

A cinema area including: two 1080p HD projectors (3000 and 6000 lumens), a 42-inch screen and an editing space.

A research area including: a quiet space with a library, tables, chairs and wifi.

A shared kitchen
A large, fully-equipped kitchen area where you can prepare meals for several dozen of people, traditional and experimental equipment (a smoker, a drying room, a deep fryer, barbecue, etc.).

An exhibition space
An empty space for large-scale projects or photo shoots.
Le Wonder also has a more private music studio, a tattoo studio and a storage space that can be used during residency programmes, depending on the availability of the individuals in charge of these areas.


The programme lasts for a minimum of one month.


Applications must include:
- a CV
- a short cover letter detailing the reasons why the artist would like to take part in the residency programme (artists should indicate the resources to which they would like to have access)
- a portfolio including a presentation of the artistic approach and images of their work (10 MB maximum).
The programme is open to all artists, regardless of age, gender, nationality and art fields.  
The selection committee is made up of members of Le Wonder’s board of directors (founding members, residents and the different artistic departments’ points of contact).


Le Wonder can accommodate guest artists’ families and spouses. Insofar as possible, it strives to ensure that the dates of the residency suit the invited artists. The private living area, which is reserved for permanent residents and guests, has two 20m² and 27m² bedrooms: one containing a double bed and the other two double beds. Additional furnishings (cots, changing tables, etc.) can be provided on request. 
Bathroom, shower and kitchen facilities are shared with other residents. 
Le Wonder asks that families and spouses respect its code of conduct. Residents are responsible for the safety of their families and spouses within Le Wonder which is a workplace involving machines, noise and dust. Le Wonder does not have any childcare facilities or specific support in terms of childrens’ schooling. Additional funding for artists attending with their spouses and/or families is not provided. 


Artists are expected to respect the association's rules and regulations, as well as the values of the shared workshop.
Artists are also expected to take part in a meeting during which they present their work to the members of the association at the beginning of the programme.
Artists must be self-sufficient with regard to their work and the use of small equipment (with the exception of large machines).

Contact us

Le Wonder / Fortin
109 rue de Paris,
F - 93000 Bobigny