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Since 2019, Malakoff contemporary art centre has been running an off-site residency entitled “the local shop” (la supérette), a 200 m2 former corner shop provided by Paris Habitat which provides housing to residents and local areas. Every season, the art centre hosts residencies for groups of artists, curators, theorists, performers, etc. who are seeking to work on a project in a space that is immediately connected to its environment.

Malakoff’s contemporary art centre's activities take place in two locations: the Maison des Arts, where it presents its work, and “the local shop”, a research and experimentation art residency programme dedicated to collective practices. Four areas of research define the art centre’s identity: a place where artists and the general public can meet, experiment, reflect and draw on resources. The local shop is intended to be a space for collaborative work, a laboratory of ideas and a precursor of new perspectives. The collective dimension is to be considered in its broadest sense and encompasses a variety of possible formats: a group of artists developing a common practice and theoretical framework, an organisation within an independent structure which pools activities or resources, occasional and/or temporary collaborations during specific projects.

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- a 200 m² workspace, including a workshop area and a kitchen, as well as a library known as the "consultative bookshop"
- a €12,000 grant (including tax)
- a maximum of €1,000 to cover travel, accommodation and meal expenses 
- a €1,000 grant (including tax) to cover production costs (printing, materials, etc.)
- a maximum of €1,000 (including tax) to be spent on items for the local shop (e.g. books which will then be incorporated into the "consultative bookshop"’s collection)
- €150 (including tax) for copyright loyalties
- daily support throughout the residency, including weekly sessions with the art centre’s team and the team member overseeing the residency
- if the artist collective should so wish, meetings with external professionals (curators, critics, PhD students, artists) can be organised.


3 months (between April and September - the art centre is closed in August)


Supporting documents:
-1st stage: a portfolio and CV of each member of the collective. NO cover letter is required.
- 2nd stage - selection committee: cover letter, for which a fee of €150 (including tax) will be paid and two members of the collective will be reimbursed for travel expenses.
The collective must be registered with the relevant administrative and tax authorities in its country of residence.


Given that the residency programme does not require artists to stay overnight, members of the collectives are free to adapt their timetable to family commitments as necessary. The art centre will do its best to adapt to the needs of hosted residents (adaptable working hours, permission to bring children to the centre, hotel accommodation, etc.).


- The collective agrees to be available once a week for a meeting which is intended to provide them with support during their research project.
- The aim of the residency is to provide the collective with a place to work, so they must make use of the space and invest in it. They agree to share their research through any means they wish. 
- At the end of the residency, a summary of the research must be drawn up and submitted to the art centre.


The art centre is open to the public on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Its team is responsible for outreach activities and for receiving the public.
The collective must be prepared to speak to the public about their work, at the very least on two occasions, at the start and end of their residency. They are invited to choose the dates and the format these will take. 
Meetings, exchanges, events and/or open studios are organised by the art centre’s team, with or without the collective being present (depending on their availability)
The art centre's education department may choose to propose workshops, for which artists will be paid accordingly.

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