Association founded in 1999, promotes visual arts and contemporary dance in the Normandy region.

Created in 1999, 2angles helps to promote visual arts and contemporary dance in Normandy. One of the organisation's primary objectives is to provide residency programmes for visual artists and contemporary dance companies.
These residencies result in exhibitions for visual artists and public presentations for dance companies. After 20 years in Flers town centre, 2angles moved to Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers and into the former Thermocoax factory, where it works alongside other cultural organisations (Le Rave, a contemporary music organisation) and others whose activities revolve around a social and solidarity-based economy. 
Within this transitional place, the association has a number of different spaces at its disposal, including exhibition areas, workshops, offices, a library and a social area, which is currently being refurbished.
The association also has a dance studio and a rehearsal studio provided by the town of Flers.
2angles is a place of discovery, creation, experimentation, resources and exchange. It is a bridge between visual arts, dance, audiences, artists, the region and its leading players.

The organisation RAVE, which stands for ‘network of electric performing arts’, is based in the same venue. The close proximity between the two organisations has led to regular collaborations. Here, visual artists, sculptors, choreographers, painters, dancers, musicians, stage managers and administrators regularly cross paths.
The 2angles team also develops off-site projects with partner organisations, whether these be in schools, associations, cultural centres, hospitals or prisons.


For visual artists:
A production residency and solo exhibition on the 2angles site, including the use of workshops (40 days).
An exhibition at the end of the residency
€2000 grant 
€2000 for the production/transport of works
€1000 for presentation rights
+ €60/hour for outreach activities, for a maximum of 8 hours and formalised in an additional clause in the residency contract.

A construction residency, 10 days, solo exhibition. €500 grant, €1,000 for presentation rights + €60/hour for outreach activities for a maximum of 8 hours and formalised in an additional clause in the residency contract. If the artist chooses to invite other professionals to participate in the project, the €1,000 presentation rights, as well as the hours dedicated to outreach activities, will be divided between the participants, in agreement with 2angles. 

A 60 day residency for an artists' collective. Up to 6 artists may be present on site at the same time. A €10,000 grant will be awarded to the legal entity of the collective. It is up to the collective to allocate this sum according to its needs and the project. 2angles will have a say on how the amount is divided up, it being understood that the artists' are required to use some of the grant to pay themselves. If the collective organises an exhibition, €1,000 in presentation rights will be allocated and distributed to each of the participating artists.

N.B. The amounts indicated above are guidelines and may change depending on the projects selected and the partners or sponsors who may co-produce certain actions or productions.

For dance companies:
A €6,000 grant will be awarded to the company
Administrative and technical support depending on the project.
Accommodation in a flat a 20 minutes' walk from 2angles.
Reimbursement of travel expenses (up to €300 is allocated per contract).
Flers is part of a conurbation of 55,000 inhabitants, with all services and shops on site. It is also close to a SNCF station (Paris-Granville line). Having a car is not a requirement, but would provide greater independence.

Available facilities 
Workshops and exhibition areas, collective kitchens, libraries, offices...
Provision of small power tools, computers, wifi, etc.
Provision of a studio and rehearsal space (7 m x 5 m), with the possibility of a stage manager. The technical specifications and floor plans can be downloaded from our website (‘practical’ section, then ‘download’). A workshop on the creation centre site.


Visual arts residency:
2angles offers different forms of residencies which vary in length.
Creation-based residency: a 30 day residency and a 40 day exhibition
Installation-based residency: a 10 day residency and a 40 day exhibition
Mission-based residency: to be adapted according to the project - outside of the 2angles premises
Collective residency: variable depending on the project
Contemporary dance residency: a residency of a minimum of 10 working days and a maximum of 20 working days.


Visual artists and contemporary dance companies are selected on the basis of a call for applications. This generally takes place every two years for each discipline.
The selection committee for visual arts and contemporary dance are composed of professionals from each field and representatives of the local, partner authorities.
In terms of content, emphasis is given to the artistic approach, research and innovation. No theme or medium is imposed. The residency should however be seen as an opportunity to engage with an environment, a town and a population.
In the case of contemporary dance companies, particular attention is paid to their sensibility towards and affinity with visual arts. If two projects are determined to be of equal interest, preference will be given to the regional aspect.


It is possible for artists to bring their spouses and children with them and accommodation will be provided by the organisation. The practicalities of this must be settled in accordance with the organisation’s obligations towards residents, given that residencies often crossover and the number of rooms is limited. Priority is always given to the artists selected to participate in the residency.
If children are to be accommodated, they will be required to comply with the rules regarding the use of the various amenities. Their arrival is to be arranged by the family. 
Our organisation would like to offer support to artists so that those with families, as well as those who are currently employed, can apply without the worry of being obliged to undertake a residency for a consecutive period of time, which could prevent them from sending an application.


To propose a project compatible with the requirements and resources of the organisation
Each visual arts residency ends with an exhibition. Each contemporary dance residency culminates in a presentation open to the public.
During the residencies, the artists and dance companies are invited to attend meetings, conferences and other public events. These requests take into account the availability of the artists, are made in consultation with them and do not affect the time required for the residencies to run smoothly.
If outreach activities are organised and exceed 8 hours of presence in front of an audience, a second contract will be drawn up, in agreement with the artist and the companies and depending on the work required.

Contact us

8, rue du Pré-Neuf
F-61100 St-Georges-des-Groseillers
T : +33(0)2 33 38 78 63

Jérôme Letinturier
Artistic and Administrative Director

Ophélie Sicot
Responsible for audience development, communication, and mediation.