thankyouforcoming operates as a platform which supports the formulation, production and promotion of contemporary art projects and the work of artists, art critics and curators, in particular through its ACROSS residency programme.

Since 2015, thankyouforcoming has been running its ACROSS programme, the aim of which is to support the research and networking of artists and other professionals working in the arts. This residency takes place in Nice and aims to support the emergence and renewal of art critics’ and curators’ practices, through research and exploration. 
This residency provides participants with a customised programme and a privileged opportunity to become better acquainted with contemporary art professionals on the French Riviera. ACROSS in turn facilitates local artists’ international mobility and strives to support visual artists and provide them with an opportunity to develop their practice and career. 

residenceacross5demickaelroymarcheconversationnelleme_moire_en_coursjanvier_2016drthankyouforcoming.jpgACROSS residency #5, Mickaël Roy, conservational walk, “Memory in progress", January 2016 © thankyouforcoming


- provision of a furnished flat in the centre of Nice 
- travel expenses are covered (for ecological reasons, travel by train is encouraged)
- residency funding
- meetings with professionals from the artistic scene (and other fields if required) on the French Riviera: artists, critics, curators, etc.  
- time for research and meetings
- possible partnerships with local venues (MAMAC - modern and contemporary art museum, le Narcissio - contemporary art space, Vigna bookshop etc)
- co-creation of a public event designed in advance of the residency and developed with thankyouforcoming’s intellectual and logistical support
- possible commission of a critical text at the end of the residency


3 weeks - 3 residents are hosted per season


The call for applications is published on relevant platforms at the beginning of autumn .
- applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their application and a cover letter which should include their stance as an art critic or curator, 
- selection by a jury consisting of one former resident, one institutional representative, one representative of thankyouforcoming’s team, one curator who actively participates in the local and international contemporary art scene and one artist.

thankyouforcoming may also directly invite residents to participate in the programme.


All the equipment needed to care for infants and children can be provided to ACROSS residents. We would eventually like to find permanent childcare solutions for residents during the day: childminders, occasional childcare in a local nursery, temporary school enrolment, etc.
What is more, the call for applications is open to pregnant people. To ensure that these residences run as smoothly as possible, arrangements can be made in advance with the relevant local individuals, including midwives, gynaecologists and doulas. Lastly, since 2019, it has been possible for the co-parent to be accommodated during the residency.


Residents agree to schedule professional meetings with the help of thankyouforcoming and to respect the established schedule. They also agree to discuss their projects and development of their practice with thankyouforcoming’s team and guest professionals. Each resident undertakes to organise a public event on a topic unrelated to their residency project. 


Meetings with students and young art professionals based on the French Riviera.
Organisation of a public event which focuses on reforming the ways in which meetings take place between artists, art professionals and visitors keen to discover more about the contemporary art field.

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