Dos Mares

Dos Mares is a group of interconnected and transnational projects that favours research and innovation in art.

Dos Mares’ mission is to rethink the artistic practice, cultivate critical thinking, develop professional networks and produce interdisciplinary knowledge by setting up translocal practices, commoning and intercultural collaborations by establishing alternative and hybrid economic models.

Dos Mares also supports artists, theoreticians, art historians and curators through various national and international residency programs mainly focused on art research, where no production is expected, no public intervention imposed and no exhibition organised. This type of research is similar to what is known as fundamental research in the scientific field, that is to say, research that is not oriented towards a particular application, which in our field takes the form of an artwork. During several work sessions of approximately 3 hours each, the Dos Mares curators, accompanied occasionally by collaborators, join the resident in developing an art research for which the starting point is the artist’s work and his or her research project.


available means

A private apartment and a workshop space with independent access, equipped with various machines and tools and a competent staff to assist in potential artistic experiments. When several residents are welcomed at the same time, they are housed in separate apartments and share the workshops.
An assistant accompanies the resident during his or her entire stay.
An apartment in Paris is available for a few days in order to continue the research and further develop the resident’s professional network.
Depending on Dos Mares’ partnerships, the artist may receive remuneration in the form of a stipend to cover (partially or in full) daily expenses, a research budget.
Work sessions are organised several times per week; they take the form of discussions with invited professionals in the field (curators, critics, doctoral students, artists).


Approximately 10 to 15 residents are hosted per year. The residencies have a duration of 1 to 3 months each.

selection process

Dos Mares favours an invitation-based selection procedure, however, once or twice a year, an open call is announced for certain residencies. Interested artists can register through the Dos Mares website to be informed of future calls. The selection jury is composed of Dos Mares’ curatorial team and collaborators in relation to the region of the open call.

Obligations of the residents 

The resident is expected to take part in the weekly research working sessions and must add content to the residence research booklet. At the end of the residency, an open studio may be organised in order to present the subject of the research to the public.

Actions towards audiences

Work sessions with residents are open to the public. Conversations, meetings and/or open studios are organised to present the residents’ research.


Dos Mares
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