Arts en résidence

International promotion


Art residencies abroad respond to both the objectives of supporting creation and research in the visual arts, promoting French artists and encouraging cooperation between professionals in the sector (artists and distribution and production structures) in France and abroad.
The act of travelling which is intrinsic to residencies abroad is beneficial for both artists and host structures. For the artists, it provides the opportunity for experiences that often play a crucial role in the evolution of their professional career. Indeed, these experiences work towards creating cross-cultural encounters, the discovery of other socio-cultural, political, economic contexts, and so on, as well as the diversification of professional networks. The time devoted to living and working outside of their usual environments tends to have a considerable influence on artists’ practices, their theoretical references, and also tends to contribute to a strong enrichment of contemporary creations. Residencies carried out with a partnering structure abroad also enables artists’ work to be seen by a wider audience.
For the host structures, residencies act as a lever for joint projects of co-production and co-distribution (therefore pooling of resources), sharing of experiences, of points of view (or of conception), and of methods. In this way, they support the professionalisation of the sector on an international scale.
When a residency leads to the sharing and/or mediation of the work produced, it is a vector of cultural openness and expands the project’s scope from the specific area in which it took place to the wider public. Many international art residency projects are integrated into broader territorial ones and those which are shared with people and inhabitants of the areas.
Arts en résidence has been monitoring the international activities of its members since 2012 and strives to encourage international mobility. This is demonstrated by the work on the toolkit, the regulations regarding the international circulation of artists, the building of links between Arts en résidence with other national networks abroad, the proposal of a nomadic curatorial residency for a foreign curator or critic since 2020 and the organisation of the international symposium Reflecting Residencies in 2020.


Arts en résidence is developing its exchanges with other similar networks abroad (Artists Communities Alliance in the United States, Transartists, Res Artis, On the Move, TASA in Taiwan, and so on) with the following objectives:
- to be better identified within international networks that promote the means provided to artists in residence
from all over the world;
- to strengthen dialogue in a dynamic exchange of practices;
- to develop collaboration for the development of common projects;
- to develop contacts that can be called upon by its members.


Arts en résidence is part of the International Support Scheme, coordinated by On the Move in 2019-2020 for the Ministry of Culture and The Institut français. Along with seven other visual arts structures*, Arts en résidence benefited from guidance in order to reflect and better position the network in an international context.
* FRAAP, Réseau Documents d'Artistes, Platform, Réseau Diagonal, Diaph8, Doc! and thankyouforcoming

For the international symposium Reflecting Residencies #1 (2020), Arts en résidence - National network produced some short videos on a selection of projects that are being carried out abroad.  

La Fondation Casa Wabi (Mexique)

La Villa Saint louis Ndar (Sénégal)

Izyolyatsia Residency Program (Ukraine)          

Taïwan Art Space Alliance (TAÏWAN)