Les Ateliers Vortex

Since 2012, the association Les Ateliers Vortex has been running art residencies and group and solo exhibitions in a 300 m² former factory in the Stéarinerie neighbourhood of Dijon, Burgundy.

An art centre based in the heart of an industrial and cultural wasteland on the outskirts of Dijon, Les Ateliers Vortex has been organising, since 2012, five or six exhibitions per year, as well as a summer residency programme which focuses on young contemporary artists. It is managed by two founding artists, a coordinator and an exhibition technician, this venue is unique in that art is both produced and promoted in its spaces.

Les Ateliers Vortex fosters a spirit of community and believes in the pooling of resources. It provides artists with the resources and tools they need to produce works on site which are subsequently exhibited in situ or off-site.
It promotes access to contemporary art through outreach programmes tailored to different audiences and workshops designed to raise awareness of current artistic practices amongst the youngest members of society. In addition to its contemporary art exhibitions, the association also plays an active role in a wide range of artistic fields, producing multiples, providing opportunities for conversations and opening its doors to the public during one-off evening events that showcase performances, video programming and artists’ publications etc, and that involve outreach activities.

View of Cédric Nathan Carême's exhibition ""Meunier, you sleep" in 2023. © Siouzie Albiach


Since its creation, the association has offered one art residency a year, for which a nationwide call for projects is published. The selected artists are invited to pursue the creation of their work on site, made possible by the wood, metal and screen printing workshops made accessible to them. They are supported by the centre’s founding artists, as well as by the venue coordinator and exhibition technician. Artists receive research and production grants.
Each two-month summer residency programme culminates in an exhibition of the works produced during this period. This residency scheme is unique in Dijon, encouraging exchanges and questioning, and directly responds to artists' requests through the pooling of skills.


- Technical support for the artist during the production phase, as well as during the installation and dismantling of the exhibition;
- Les Ateliers Vortex takes care of the design, production and distribution of promotional materials, as well as the association of the exhibition opening;
- artists are provided with wood, metal and screen printing workshops;
- Accommodation is provided by the association for the duration of the residency;
- Up to €1,500 to cover production costs;
- €800 to cover copyright royalties ;
- A €1,200 residency grant;
- A residency stipend of €500;
- Travel expenses: 1 return trip between the artist’s home and the residency is paid for by the association before the residency begins;


The artist residency takes place during the two summer months (July-August). Exhibitions last around 6 weeks, running from the beginning of September to the end of October.


Artists are selected on the basis of a portfolio, following a nationwide call for applications which is published every year in November and ends in January or February. The selection committee is made up of Les Ateliers Vortex’s founding members and invited contemporary art professionals.


Unfortunately, Les Ateliers Vortex’s premises are unsuitable for infants and children. However, given the length of the residency programme, arrangements can be made. These are subject to particular flexibility and are tailored to the needs of the resident. The programme is open to pregnant people. To ensure that these residences run as smoothly as possible, residents can be put in touch with relevant individuals local to the area. 
Lastly, co-parents can be housed during the residency.


Selected artists undertake to live on site for at least seven weeks during the residency. At the end of the programme, artists exhibit their final work at Les Ateliers Vortex. They also produce a silkscreen print, in collaboration with the association's printing expert.


Les Ateliers Vortex promotes access to contemporary art through outreach activities tailored to different audiences, and workshops designed to raise awareness of current artistic practices amongst the youngest members of society. Each exhibition provides an opportunity for a public talk between the artist and a guest speaker of their choice, with the aim of providing a fresh perspective on the artists' practice and the questions they may raise. Les Ateliers Vortex organises free guided tours for school children, students and groups as part of their extra-curricular activities. Artistic workshops can also be organised on the premises to raise awareness of art.

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Les Ateliers Vortex
71-73, rue des rotondes
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Olivier Lecreux (coordinator)