Caza d'oro

Caza d'Oro is a creative residency based in Mas d'Azil in Ariège in southwestern France.

This international contemporary arts centre and art residency was created and established in Mas d'Azil with the intention to fulfil a number of objectives, including:
- to enable artists to discover an area through contemporary creation, by providing them with the opportunity to take a break from their daily routine and spend time researching in the Ariège area, made possible by a residency grant and production resources, while at the same time being exposed to social initiatives (activities and events).
- to make art known, understood and loved.
- to meet artists and discover their works.
- to consider art as one of the pathways to knowledge, thus participating directly in educational projects.
- to promote the Ariège area through art and culture and for this to be shared with prestige and quality across borders.
- to exhibit the outstanding work of today's artists in Ariège.
- to encourage all generations to think and work together through exhibitions and encounters, which is one of Caza d’oro’s objectives. 
Art residencies are brilliant tools for raising awareness of contemporary art and of the identity of inhabited areas.
Caza d'oro offers three three-month residencies for visual artists and one six-month residency for an art critic.



A 50m² furnished apartment 
50m² studio
Residency grant: €1,200/month
€2000 to cover production costs 
Outreach and promotional activities in relation to the residency 
Exhibition of works created during the residency at the end of the residency


3 months


Applications can be sent in throughout the year. Artists selected to participate the following year are notified in July.


Families cannot be accommodated at Caza d'oro. Pets are not permitted.

Contact us

Caza d'oro
15 rue du Temple
F-09290 Le Mas d'Azil