Artistes en résidence

Created in 2011, Artistes en Residence develops three residency programs: the Cross Residencies, the Intramuros Residency and the Guest Residency.

The project aims support to visual artists by providing them a work space, accommodations and financial assistance. The three main goals are the studio work, the exchange between different contemporary art agents and the promotion of the international mobility.
Following his recent move, the residence is now located in a building in downtown Clermont-Ferrand which includes a shared apartment between the residents, and 3 studios attached to a private garden.

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available means

— the residency team have his office next to the studios and they support the artists during their stay,
— an average stipend of 1500€ per month
— A 200sqm garden adjoining the apartment.


3 different programs:
— residency Intramuros - 100 Jours : 100 days,
Cross Residencies : 1 to 2 months,
— residency Guest : duration varies according to the partners who wish to support the reception of an artist within our walls.

selection process

The most of the residents are selected after an open call application. The selection procedures vary depending on the context of the open call. There are 3 to 4 open calls per year. The selection jury is made up of contemporary art professionals and partners representatives.

obligations of the residents 

No obligations, except to develop their research and listen to other residents.

Actions towards audiences

None obligations, except to develop their research and listen to other residents.



Artistes en résidence
190/194 Boulevard Gustave Flaubert
F-63000 Clermont-Ferrand