Established since 2008 in the industrial harbour of Dunkirk, on mole 1, Fructôse is a support
base for artists.

The association has several workshops, a stage set and a print studio.
The purpose of the association is to support professional artists or those in the progress of
becoming professionals in visual arts. Fructôse hosts twenty “artistes associé·es”, full-time
residents in its workshops receiving support in their professional development. It also works
to structure the arts sector and to recognize artists status.
Fructôse is a effervescent hub, a place for meetings and artistic discoveries for the artists
and the audiences alike. Each year, it develops a residency program and welcomes artists
from Hauts-de-France Region, as well as from the rest of France, Belgium or England.
It also organises meetings with artists and audiences, contributing to Dunkirk’s cultural
dynamism and a better knowledge of the artists’ work and contemporary creation.  

batiments_des_mouettes_fructose.jpg© Fabien Marques

available means

— an 80m2 stage set, height of 3 m., equipped with professional dance mat ;
— a print studio that comprises silkscreen equipment and Riso duplicator ;
— workshops: 25 m2 “module” or 68-to-80 m2 “volume” workshops (raw workshops equipped with a storage container) ;
— common spaces: wood and metal workshop, tooling ;
— support provided by Fructôse team: administrative, logistical and technical support on the project conducted during the residency, networking with local partners ;
— in connexion with the territory and in partnership, the artists receive a grant for production, fees and allowances ;
— the project conducted during the residency may included a restitution time (performance, exhibition, conference...).


There’s no minimum length of residency, each tailored to the artists’ needs, according to the means and possibilities of the association.

SeLECTION process

Selection is by invitation or calls for proposals. Each year, the residency program is as follow:
— “Fabrique des objets imprimés”: a residency dedicated to research and experimentation in printing and printed object ;
— a residency dedicated to research and experimentation in visual arts ;
— a residency dedicated to research and multidisciplinary experimentation.


The artists participate in the community life and may be invited to present their work during a public restitution time.

ACTIONS towards audiences

No specific actions are initially planned but can be set up depending on the artists’ project. These may include meetings, workshops with specific audiences or the general public.


La Fabrique
rue du Magasin Général
BP 34210 

F-59378 Dunkerque Cedex