Maison Salvan

La Maison Salvan strives to be a key resource for artists by encouraging their research through residency programmes. It is a creative space where creative processes mature and works are produced.

La Maison Salvan opened in 2006, but it wasn't until 2010 that it took on its current form which has enabled an art residency programme to be set up. Since then, La Maison Salvan has been able to offer artists a workspace (75 m² accommodation), a venue (La Maison Salvan itself), a residency grant, a grant to cover production costs, as well as guidance. Each year, it runs three residency projects.

At the same time, La Maison Salvan shares artwork with the public, promoting events and projects that enable people to meet the resident artist during the research phase of their project, as well during the final stages when their work takes form and is showcased in an exhibition. 

flora_moscovici_-_copie.jpgFlora Moscovici, Coma Coloris Vif, 2018 ©Yohann Gozard


- a €5,000 grant, which artists are encouraged to equally divide between their fees and production costs. This distribution of costs can be adapted at artists requests,
- transport and food expenses may be covered, depending on the residency programme,
- La Maison Salvan’s manager offers their insight with regard to the project and supports residents as their work progresses. The person in charge of outreach activities and visitor experience also contributes to the development of projects and explores the possible activities to be organised with the public,
- residents are provided with a large flat. La Maison Salvan can also be used as a work space,
The residency culminates in an exhibition. Residents may benefit from external help in the production of their work. Lastly, some residents have the opportunity to work on a publishing project with La Maison Salvan’s manager, as well as a graphic designer.


La Maison Salvan does not issue any calls for applications and proceeds by invitation.


No set format is imposed. The project requirements and expectations of each artist dictate how the residency is organised. Residencies can run for a consecutive period of time or be divided up into different periods. An exhibition brings the residency to a close, regardless of how the project has developed.


The size of residents’ accommodation means that they are free to bring one or more members of their family with them.


Artists must comply with the residency schedule established with them at the outset, obviously taking into account any other obligations that may arise. They are asked to be open to opportunities to meet with the public.


Meetings with different members of the public (schoolchildren, adults, including art lovers) provide artists with the opportunity to share their work and residency project. 
Artists run a one-day workshop session with students; other specific activities may be organised upon request.
The time these activities take up represent a very small proportion of the residency programme.
In addition, La Maison Salvan does not ask artists to take into account the specificities of the local area or to involve specific audiences in the creative process. However, artists who wish and request to do so are provided with the necessary support.

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