Maisons Daura

Maisons Daura, resource centre for contemporary creation, favours dialogue between practices, disciplines, identities and geographies.

Attached to the artistic and cultural project of MAGCP, contemporary art centre declared of national interest, Maisons Daura has been housing a center for research and artistic innovation for all disciplines since 2005. Set in an exceptional natural heritage environment (labelled UNESCO Global Geopark), artists and researchers from different universes develop new projects and create forms that reflect the world in which we live in. Maisons Daura is also a place of exchange with the village’s and the valley’s inhabitants.
Each summer, the Contemporary Art Route in the Lot Valley offers exhibits the works produced during spring residences, in partnership with les Abattoirs, Museum-FRAC Occitanie Toulouse.
Fall residencies invite young artists freshly graduated from art schools of Occitanie region as part of the “Postproduction” program.
All of the activities of Maisons Daura are part of those of the contemporary art network of Occitanie, Air de Midi.

26_interieur_atelier_2eme_sourcehrnet.jpgavailable means 

2 separate buildings can accommodate 6 to 10 people simultaneously. They are equipped with furniture, dishes, bedding, and include a large living room, a  kitchen, dining room, library and gardens, 6 independent bedrooms and 3 workshops. Artists whose work produces sound are given priority in the small house where they have housing and independent workshop.
— The other 2 workshops are large (60 to 90m2), bright, with work tables, chairs and a sink. The large room open onto the street is either used as a workshop or as a public presentation room – same with the vaulted room (20m2) in mezzanine.
— The workshops have a few basic tools (jigsaw, drill, etc.), a scanner and a printer.


Spring residency: 3 months. 8 weeks min.
Autumn residency: 1.5 months. 5 weeks min. 

selection process

Spring / Invitation for a group or collective.
Autumn / Invitation based on application for young artists who graduated within the last 5 years in an art school of Occitanie region. 

 obligations of the residents

Spring: Production for the Contemporary Art Route in the Lot Walley in July-August
Autumn: Research

Actions towards audiences

At least, a public meeting in the form of open days in the workshops is organized during each residence. Other actions aimed at audiences are organized depending on the projects.


Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou,
Centre d’Art Contemporain/ Maisons Daura, Résidences Internationales d’Artistes
Thomas Delamarre (director)
134 avenue Germain Canet
BP 24
F-46160 Cajarc
T : +33(0)5 65 40 78 19