The different types of residency programs can be classified in 3 categories. Note that one program can belong to more than one category.

Research and Creation Residencies
Provide a work place along with financial, technical, human and critical means to develop research or produce work.

Production Residencies
Provide the necessary means to produce one or several specific artworks or to organize an exhibition of artworks produced during the residency period.

Outreach Residencies
Create interaction with the neighborhood or the social environment through specific and mandatory outreach activities, in order to create a dialogue between the resident’s work and different types of audiences.


Arts in Residence – National Network takes inventory of hosting organizations based in France. The residencies can take place in France or abroad, within a partnership including a French organization. As a result, the number of organizations and means they propose is large and varied. Thus, it is important to give visibility to the actions, productions and partnerships made possible through the organizations’ commitment.

All member structures are organized around the same 3 main principles:
> The residencies must be supervised by a dedicated staff member
> The residencies must occur on a regular basis and must include a time for the resident to work on personal projects
> A yearly budget dedicated to the residency program must be set

Whether invited to join by the association or selected after sending an application, participating organizations comply with a set of requirements defined in a charter. The point is not to standardize the structures of the various programs, nor to put them in competition with one another, but to present the different development of each of them.

The charter defines the operating framework and of the member organizations. It defines the requirements and principles developed and supported by the network members.

Member organizations main characteristics:
> Belong to at least one of the categories stated above
> The program must host visual artists, curators, art critics, collectives or any individual developing a project related to contemporary art
> Have a staff member dedicated to the residency program
> The program must follow the applicable legal framework with regards to hosting and paying residents
> The organization’s main activity or head office must be located in France, but its actions abroad will be taken into account.
> The residencies must be proposed on a regular basis
>A yearly budget dedicated to the residency program must have been established for at least one year
> The residency must include a time for the resident to work on personal projects, free of any production required by the program – exhibitions, outreach, publications, etc. required by the organization cannot account for the entire residency period
> The residency period must range between 1 week and 2 years, consecutive or not.


The organization provides an application including:
> A presentation of its residency program(s), the technical, human and financial means supporting it/them, the activities developed around the residency, etc.
> A financial statement specific to the residency program for both previous and current years.
> A sample contract between the organization and its residents.