Résidences 1+2

Since its creation at the end of 2015 by Philippe Guionie, the 1+2 Residency is a program of creative residencies combining photography and sciences, based in Toulouse and in Occitanie.

By combining photography and sciences, the 1+2 Residency produces, enhances and promotes an author photography in close connection with an exceptional scientific heritage. As an annual artistic program, the 1+2 Residency is built around several concurrent residency formats.
- a trio of photographers (1 renowned photographer by invitation + 2 emerging photographers via a call for projects) for a two-month residency. During this time, the photographers live together and create a personal and original work.
-the 1+2 Factory, a residency program in institutions and/or companies. Over a given period (from 1 to 6 months), a photographer creates an original work. With specific covered expenses and remuneration.
-the 1+2 Hors les murs, a residency program on the scale of a well-defined territory in Occitanie. Over a given period (from 1 to 2 years) a photographer creates an original work. With specific covered expenses and remuneration.
The winner is supported in its research by local communities, university (Université fédérale de Toulouse) and scientific (CNRS Occitanie Ouest, Cité de l’Espace, Muséum de Toulouse, Pic du Midi,...) institutions and researchers based in Toulouse and its metropolis, as well as in Occitanie. He·she is also accompanied by a godparent belonging to either photography or sciences field. The results of those different creative processes are presented in october in three different formats (a collective exhibition, a boxed set of three books in a "Toulouse" collection, and a 26-minute creative film). An inaugural week is organised with several highlights including the "National Symposium - Photography & Sciences" in which photographers, scientists, godparents, journalists and the public are exchanging views during several thematic round tables.

vernissage_expo_chapelle_des_cordeliers_2021©Dorian Loubière

Opening in La Chapelle des Cordeliers, 2021. Photo : © Dorian Loubière


Support for the trio residency:
-a technical team to support each winner
-round trips (home-Toulouse) up to a maximum of 300 euros
-collective housing for two months (1st march – 30th april)
-free public transport (metro & bus) in the Toulouse agglomeration
-the necessary supplies for the creation during the residency up to a maximum of 500 euros (incl tax)
- a total remuneration for two months of 2400 euros (emerging photographer) to 5600 euros incl tax (renowned photographer)/month
-the production of an exhibition up to a maximum of 2000 euros (emerging photographer) to 3500 euros incl tax (renowned photographer). The works created are exhibited and a maximum of 3 of them are added to the 1+2 Residency’s collection of works, which provides a lump-sum remuneration for the display of this collection in future individual and/or group exhibitions
-each year, the 1+2 Residency co-produces with Éditions Filigranes, a boxed set of three books dedicated to the three photographers in residency. This edition is presented in two languages (French & English) and structured within a "Toulouse" collection (30 individual books are given to each winner).


Depending on the program, from 1 to 6 months of residency, with the possibility of round trips. All residencies are subject to obtaining dedicated grants and partnerships.


Depending on the program, a call for projects is launched via professional photography and contemporary art networks, with a final jury in public or by invitation.
The application form must include: a biography and CV, a selection of photographic works (1 or 2 coherent series of 20 images maximum), a text presenting the artistic approach (2000 characters maximum), a detailed note of intent, describing the stages and perspectives of the "Photography & Sciences" project to be carried out in the Toulouse area.
No participation fee is required. No age limit is required. All contemporary photographic writings are concerned.


The winner undertakes to present work(s) generated by the residency experience. He·she certifies and guarantees that the works are original creations within the meaning of French law on Intellectual Property and that they are not the counterfeiting of protected works. He·she mentions « 1+2 Residency, Toulouse » in all publications or events related to the 1+2 Residency and participates in a round table dedicated to his·her residency during the annual symposium (mid-october).


The 1+2 Residency sets up an annual cycle of guided tours of all the restitution exhibitions by a team of professional mediators, for all audiences. An inaugural week is organized with several highlights including the « National Symposium - Photography & Sciences » in which photographers, scientists, godparents, and the general public are exchanging views during several thematic round tables. The 1+2 Residency thus works so that this sharing of knowledge creates a common societal reflection in a collective dynamic involving all the audiences.


Résidence 1+2
4, rue de la Balance
31000 Toulouse
T : +33(0)6 09 39 70 29