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Les éditions extensibles' research subject is the transversality between contemporary art and literature.

Founded by Adrien van Melle and Sébastien Souchon in 2015, Les éditions extensibles focuses on the transversality between contemporary art and literature. Through literary publications and exhibitions, it brings together artist writers and explores themes including writing, narrative and fiction in contemporary art.

Les éditions extensibles’ has several book collections which include monographs, collective works, writing workshops and experimental forms.

AU LIEU, which opened in 2017, hosts most of the events produced by éditions extensibles and by guests with an interest in forms of transversality between the visual arts and literature. AU LIEU also provides permanent office space to Les éditions extensibles which consists of a small bookshop and a space dedicated to residencies and exhibitions.


VERSION D'ESSAI is a residency programme created in 2018 which hosts an artist writer at AU LIEU for two to three months. The residency enables the guest to progress in both their visual arts practice and literary work. The residency culminates in an exhibition at AU LIEU and an archival document published in collaboration with Les éditions extensibles.


- A creation grant of €900 per month for two months or €2,000 per month for three months.
- A private workspace.
- Professional support with regard to exhibition design, writing and graphic design.
AU LIEU has a wood workshop, photo production tools and video editing equipment.


2 to 3 months


Call for applications 


Residents are required to present their work at an exhibition at the end of the residency programme. They may also have the opportunity to produce a publication funded by Les éditions extensibles.


Work with a partner school. Possible outreach activities during the exhibition. 

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