Dos Mares

An artistic and curatorial project founded in Marseille, Dos Mares has been an international art research centre since 2013.

Dos Mares implements a range of tailored schemes which support the professional development of artists and individuals working in art. These involve, but are not limited to: international mobility, professional networking, residencies, specialisation programmes which provide the opportunity to acquire skills, alternative artistic and production spaces and shared tools. The research centre draws on the thinking of the artists and curators Ron Reyes Sevilla and Laurent Le Bourhis, whose research is based precisely on the art ecosystem itself. Complementary to art research and creation programmes, Dos Mares' activities enable everyone to explore the complexity of professional artistic activity and to conceive relevant positions in our changing societies.


Dos Mares offers tailor-made research, creation and training residencies in France and other parts of the world. These programmes welcome both French and international artists and professionals working in art.
All the residencies include regular support for artists which is provided by several contributors. Weekly meetings of around 3 hours, are devoted to re-examining artists’ practice and provide the opportunity to delve into semantic analysis of artistic approaches, identifying new avenues of work and broadening horizons in a setting conducive to encounters and discussions.

The research residencies are geared towards regular reflection and discussion, so that guest artists can take a break from their artistic production to rethink the concepts behind their visual proposals. Part of the residency work is also dedicated to the creation of tentative proposals, experiments designed to test the lines of research, validate or correct them.

The creative residency is a period dedicated to applied research, following the fundamental research stage and preceding the production phase. During this creative period, artists multiply and diversify potential forms that projects may take, without determining precisely what the final work will be. It's an opportunity to question forms, intentions, issues, the methods of presentation and so on. The aim is never to produce finite pieces, but to reflect on projects in greater depth, work which is underpinned by a series of quick steps.
The "Clinique pour artistes" training residency is a programme that addresses all the specific aspects of professional activity through 11 areas of intervention designed to accelerate the development of artists’ professions, at a conceptual, practical, administrative or editorial level. Each residency-training course is co-constructed with artists and is based on a series of diagnoses.


- critical, curatorial, administrative and logistical support
- private flats and studio spaces in Marseille accessible 24/7 and equipped with machines for woodworking, framing, metalworking, fusing kilns, ceramic kilns and traditional tools. Staff are on hand to assist residents with any artistic experimental work they may be carrying out. When several residents are accommodated at the same time, they are housed in separate flats and share the studio areas,
 - an assistant accompanies artists throughout the residency
 - artists can be provided with a flat in Paris for a few days in order for them to pursue their research and develop their professional network
 - work sessions are organised several times a week and take the form of discussions with the curatorial team and external contributors (curators, critics, doctoral students, artists).
 - residency grants range from €1,000 and €1,500 per month, depending on the type of residency.


Programmes last between 2 weeks and 3 months, depending on the project and the type of residency. 


Dos Mares gives priority to artists and professionals working in art who have been invited to participate in a residency programme. A call for applications for certain residencies is issued once or twice a year. Artists interested in participating can subscribe to Dos Mares’ newsletter to receive information regarding future calls for applications. The selection committee is made up of Dos Mares’ curatorial team and professionals working in the area to which the call for applications relates.


Co-parents can be accommodated for a limited period of time during the residency. Artists who wish to bring their children must adapt to the layout of the flats, as only one room is available for families. We do not offer additional financial support for residents with children.


Residents agree to take part in several meetings a week with individuals who have been helping them to develop their projects. They also undertake to filling in their residency booklet on a daily basis.


Opportunities for artists to present the progress made during their residency may be provided and take the form of conversations, meetings and/or events.

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