NEKaTOENEa is an organisation officially recognised as a CPIE (Permanent Centres for Environmental Initiatives) in the fields of science, the environment, culture and education. These centres ensure that environmental issues are taken into account with regard to decisions, projects and conducts of organisations and individuals within a given area. NEKaTOENEa is managed by the CPIE of the Basque Coast. 

Artists in residence are housed in the former NEKaTOENEa farmhouse which has been renovated and is located in the Domaine d'Abbadia in Hendaye, a protected natural site on the Basque Corniche owned by the Conservatoire du littoral (the public body responsible for preservation of the French coastline). The residency’s location and surrounding areas offer a wide range of natural environments and opportunities for scientific investigation. The residency programme provides artists with a working environment which allows them to pursue their research and practice within professional networks of contemporary art. 

Residency programmes:
Creation residency - visual arts
Cultural outreach residency - visual arts
Art and science cross-disciplinary residency - visual arts and scientific research
Residency based on children's literature in the Basque language 
Depending on partners and artistic proposals, other residency projects may be developed.



NEKaTOENEa has two 50m² fully-equipped flats with adjoining 36m² unfurnished art studios. The financial resources provided may vary from one residency to another, depending on the type of residency, funding and partners. In all cases, artists are provided with financial support, through research and creation grants and partial reimbursement of production costs and travel expenses. 
The residency culminates in the publication of a catalogue and an exhibition or a public presentation of their work. Artists are put in contact with key cultural players in Aquitaine and the Spanish Basque Country. 
Two part-time staff are on hand to help artists in the development and realisation of their projects.


Depending on the type of residency, funding and partners, residencies can last from 1 to 4 months 


Calls for projects are published and shared amongst professional contemporary art networks at the beginning of each year. Depending on the type of residency, the selection committee is made up of professionals from the area's cultural scene, art galleries, exhibition curators, directors of art schools and art centres, the CPIE's culture committee, as well as the Conservatoire du Littoral and other financial partners.


Spouses and family members who wish to accompany residents are required to apply to do so in advance. Applications are to be submitted to the site manager.


Residents undertake to comply with the internal regulations of the protected natural area. Presence on site is required, but short absences are tolerated. Residents are required to take out civil liability and rental insurance policies for the duration of the stay. They also undertake to participate in the art awareness programme, including two public meetings at the beginning of the residency and a studio opening halfway through the residency.


- public presentations, meetings and studio open days.
- art workshops for children which are developed in collaboration with resident artists 
- setting up of educational, artistic and cultural projects with local secondary schools and sixth forms.
- cultural outreach activities based on exhibitions.


CPIE Littoral Basque, Résidence NEKaTOENEa
Pascal Clerc
Elke Roloff

Aintzane Lasarte
2, rue Armatonde
F-64700 Hendaye
T : +33(0)5 59 20 37 20