La Métive

La Métive is an international residency for multidisciplinary artistic creation located in Moutier d'Ahun (Creuse). Its project facilitates social links and cultural action in the rural area where it is located. It encourages dialogue between the artists-in-residence and the locals from the area around contemporary artistic practices by coordinating a festive sharing of knowledge and mingling of universes.

La Métive is a team that invites and accompanies these artists. It fosters their exchange, provides them the means to initiate their project and accompanies them during its development. La Métive welcomes artists or artistic teams at the beginning of the creation of a project.

la_metive2020.jpg© Abishek Joshi - Les astronautes de la raison ont peuplé le ciel nocturne - œuvre en façade - artiste : Véronique Béland, 2018

available means

— a team at the service of the project: professional artist advisers from each of the disciplines, an administrator and an artistic director,
- a production grant of a variable amount depending on the project including transport, meal and production charges. Direct provision for accommodation in a fully equipped house,
- artist's remuneration for a showcase,
- four workshops at the disposal, a dance studio for performance work, an exhibition hall, and accommodation adjoining the workshops,
- basic DIY equipment, video projector, projection screen, garden, access to local resources.


1 week to 3 months, consecutive or not.
Average duration of exhibition: 1 month.

selection process

By invitation and portfolio applications, no invitations for candidacy. The jury is made up of professionals from each of the artistic fields.

obligations of the residents 

A demonstration at the end of the residency, participation in an end-of-season event.

Actions towards audiences

Exchange with people from the area. The events can take various forms such as: workshops, events, meetings depending on the artist's project requirements. Essentially, these activities are meant to serve the artistic project and the people who are invited to participate. In the form of an exhibition, depending on the type of work.


La Métive
Aurore Claverie (artistic director)
2 rue Simon Bauer
F-23150 Moutier-d'Ahun
T : +33(0)5 55 62 89 76