Le Port des Créateurs

Le Port Des Créateurs is an association based in Toulon which supports local, national and international artists, organisations and cultural entrepreneurs whose projects are related to emerging artistic practices and are in all stages of development (from the preliminary to final phases).

Located in the heart of Toulon, in the Place des Savonnières, Le Port Des Créateurs is an alternative space, the possibilities of which are open-ended. Our aim is to establish common ground through "collective intelligence" methods involving bringing together our audiences and external key players. Le Port Des Créateurs is a place to live, exchange ideas and work, and it evolves according to its uses and needs.

The BOOSTER residency programme is designed to encourage the development of an artistic project, enabling artists to become known throughout the Toulon Provence Méditerranée area, as well as in France, Europe and the international art scene.
Le Port Des Créateurs is located in the historic centre of Toulon and works closely with the city's cultural institutions, including the Conservatoire TPM, an arts teaching establishment which provides various types of training in the arts, the École Supérieure d'Art et de Design TPM (the local art and design higher education establishment), the universities, the Ecole Camondo Méditerranée which offers high-level teaching in interior design, etc. Le Port Des Créateurs facilitates the networking of resident artists in the wider area, and helps with the development strategy and promotion of the project.

For each session of the BOOSTER programme, Le Port Des Créateurs chooses between fine arts, music or dance. The programme provides the selected artist with the opportunity to spend time researching and experimenting.


Since 2016, Le Port Des Créateurs has been running a multi-disciplinary art residency for emerging artists wishing to spend time researching and creating, as well as benefiting from personalised professional support. Le Port Des Créateurs is a cultural incubator based in Toulon which supports nearly 100 cultural players a year, including artists, organisations, entrepreneurs and students. The association has a 1,500m² space which can be used for the production and showcasing of works. This includes various creative areas dedicated to sound and image, editorial design and the visual arts. The association also organises hundreds of free events for the general public every year (group exhibitions, workshops, conferences, open-air cinema, dance battles, concerts, etc.).
A €3,000 grant for the two months of the residency;
€1,000 to cover production costs (each purchase must be authorised in advance). The artist will not receive any money left over;
Individual accommodation on site ;
€500 to cover travel expenses (for all travel expenses, prior authorisation is to be obtained). The artist will not receive any money left over;
Studios: creative spaces reserved for the artist for the duration of the residency.


2 months (May to June)


The BOOSTER residency programme is open to all emerging artists with an identification number. It is open to artists of all ages and nationalities living in the European Union.
Call for applications: May to March.
Selection committee: one curator, one artist, one local professional.
Required documents: portfolio, CV and cover letter.
A cover letter detailing the project on which the applicant wishes to work during the residency, a curriculum vitae, a portfolio and a signed letter confirming the applicant's availability throughout the residency period.


The residency is open to artists who wish to bring their families with them.


Artists undertake to partake in discussions with their mentor and any invited professionals in order to develop their artistic practice.


Artists may have the opportunity to present the results of the residency (this is to be agreed with their mentor). 
The residency organisers may arrange meetings between resident artists and students in the studio. 

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