The BBB, art centre

The BBB art centre, housed in a former electrical workshop in the northern districts of Toulouse, is both a place dedicated to artistic creation and a resource platform for artists, offering professionnel training and support. Since its creation, its commitment to contemporary art is expressed through the sharing of artistic and societal reflection and a territorial development towards a diversified audience.

Residency programs set up by the BBB art centre :

Residency program « artistic research /arts outreach » developped in hospital and custodial settings or through investment in public space. This program tends to shift the modes of operation between artist, art centre and field actors, in a shared responsibility between them.

International art cross-residency program (cultural institutional partnerships - Italy, Spain, Canada...)

Artistic research residency program in schools. The BBB art centre sets up residencies in several middle schools and high schools in Toulouse and its metropolis. The artist, by moving his studio to a school setting, can continue to work while allowing students to discover the behind-the-scene of an artist's practice.

Motivated by a singular artistic projet


Residency Art – Territory, 2020 © BBB art centre 

available means

— provision of a work space and an apartment
— funding, compensation of copyright fees and production costs
— cover of travel and food expenses
— technical and logistical support
— inscription in a professional network
— exhibition, publication or any other form of presentation defined by the very nature of the project


Depending on the program, residencies from 2 to 6 months with the possibility of commuting between home and the residency place. All residencies are subject to obtaining grants and seeking dedicated funding.

selection process

Depending on the program, the open call is made public through professional contemporary art networks (motivation letter or any type of document presenting a pre-project, online portfolio or CV) or by invitation.

obligations of the residents

At the end of the residency, residents have to present the work they developped, wether permanent or ephemeral. This presentation can take various forms: exhibition, event or/and any other type of intervention or diffusion.

Actions towards audiences

The visitor department of the BBB art center supports the residency project with an educational program focusing on new form of relations between artists, producers, art educators, visitors and field actors as well as specific contexts of intervention (public spaces and school, hospital and custodial settings).


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