Survey and Definition
The primary mission of a residency is to host artists and provide them with the technical, human and financial resources to develop their artistic practice. The residency is a work opportunity wherein commitment to research and production has evolved along with other creative activities related to visual artists’ work – such as holding personal studios, leading classes or workshops, exhibiting, publishing, etc. There is no single model of residency program and their context and functioning vary greatly. The programs’ possibilities vary from one organization to the other based on their nature, location, hosting facilities and amenities.

Faced with a change of behavior toward creative fields and an evolution in the ways artistic practice is deployed, the number of organizations offering temporary residencies has increased tremendously. Those structures provide their residents with a working space, a time for thought, investigation, dialogue, production or exhibition that are essential to the exploration and development of an artistic practice.

Today, CIPAC, CNAP and FRAAP networks provide information on the opportunities offered by art organizations. They classify them under very wide groups of venues offering, among other options, temporary hosting facilities, studios for lease or free-of-charge, outreach programs targeting specific audiences, commissions, etc. And in certain instances, those venues and actions will be identified as « residencies ».

Arts in Residence Goals
Arts in Residence – National Network federates residency programs regardless of their administrative format (associations, art centers, public organizations, foundations, corporations, etc.) or their operating model, as long as they support contemporary creation through residency opportunities.

By organizing work sessions and public talks, by creating common tools and events, the Arts in Residence network allows its members to share operating methods, actions and concerns, etc., providing them with better visibility as key actors in today’s artworld.

Arts in Residence – National Network is a network and a platform allowing its members to share skills, experiences and ideas.
For this sharing to be consistent and intelligible, the network has first set out to establish a common charter and then to follow three main directions: resources pooling, research and actions.

Federation and Mutualization
By surveying the goals, means, requirements and purposes of residency venues in France, the network encourages inter-professional debate and thoughtful reflection on the specific issues and characteristics of residency programs.
Arts in Residence – National Network bases its work on the diversity of its members, of their experiences and visions in order to create a common project that will be innovative, formative and clearly visible. It offers support and guidance to all the actors of the art field (program directors, artists, curators, art critics, etc.) in France and abroad.

Visibility and International Relations
Residency opportunities exist on the international level. The interactions they activate and the circulations of ideas that they generate fit our globalized society and the artists and authors’ need for mobility. In this context, Arts in Residence – National Network becomes a necessary and global link providing residency programs in France with visibility beyond our borders. Furthermore, exchanges with similar networks (Alliance for artists communities, Trans Artistes, etc.) will promote the opportunities offered to artists and thinkers from around the world.

Support and Training
Given the large number of situations covered by the term « residency » (means, resources, etc.), the network offers methodological and legal support, providing documentation, guidance and training.
This way, the pooling of knowledge and experience will allow better flow of information on the residency legal framework along with the creation of standardized regulations for residency programs.

Website (soon online – the current website only offers a presentation of the network)
This website will offer a database of all venues with their characteristics, providing visibility to the member organizations and their activities.
This website will also act as a resource center offering practical information on artist residencies, and as an interface to advertise actions organized by the network.
This tool will provide visibility for the network and its members, their resources and activities.

Organization of Panel Discussions Series
The network is a think tank exploring questions and issues with regards to artist residencies. Given the diversity of hosting structures, the idea is to discuss what is available and to share tools and skills.
Those discussions will be made public through conferences, work sessions and panels, which will bring in guest speakers to enrich the reflection on various topics.

Arts in Residence – National Network is a platform allowing the development of common projects. In order to highlight and support the artistic production resulting from residencies, the network aims to organize events bringing together its members around specific common projects (exhibitions, panel discussions between artists and professionals, workshops, publications, etc.)